Separation, Divorce and Remarriage

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

I. Separation, Divorce & Remarriage

A.Separation, Divorce & Remarriage. Divorce can be one of the most devastating things in life. The breakdown of a marriage can have a crushing impact on the children, finances, emotions and mental stability. Many people get stuck in life after a divorce and are never able recover what was lost.

1. God takes marriage and divorce very seriously. Will God bless people who have been divorced and remarried? God is a God of grace, but it depends on the people whether they receive it.

a. (Matt. 5:31-32; Mark 10:11-12)

2. God hates divorce and separation, but it is permissible in some situations and may even be necessary in others.

a. (Mal. 2:11-16) God loves His holy institution and covenant of marriage and hates divorce.

~Marriage is a covenant which is a spiritual contract that is meant to be until death.

3. There are however, Biblical grounds for divorce.

#1 Adultery (Matt. 19:3-9)

a. adultery – porniea – sexual immorality; illicit sexual intercourse; egregious un-repented sexual behavior.

#2 Abandonment (1 Cor. 7:10-16 AMP)

a. Abandonment happens in various forms: abandonment, abuse and addiction.

~A spouse simply leaves.

~A spouse abandons the marriage through physically or mentally abuse.

~A spouse abandons the marriage through addiction.

b. There’s a difference between being sorry and true repentance. True repentance is followed by change at any cost.  

4. Typical ways of reacting after a divorce.

a. Withdrawal into self

~Be careful not to become so introverted and isolated from the help of others.

b. Replace pain with people

~This person becomes the “social butterfly” and may bounce from relationship to relationship.

c. Looking for a security blanket

~This person moves quickly into another relationship.

d. Here’s what you should do:

Regain custody of yourself- This means finding a balance, setting priorities and dealing with emotions – not repressing them, but dealing with them.

-Accept the situation

-Get counsel before making decisions (Word, prayer, trusted friends, pastor)

~Take responsibility for restoring your life.

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