Important Things To Find Out During The Dating Process

Personal Characteristics

  1. How are you most comfortable communicating? Telephone, In person, Face time, Text
  2. How often do you want to speak with the person you are dating?
  3. Would you say you are an introvert or extrovert?
  4. How much alone time do you require?
  5. How much time do you require with groups of people or others?
  6. What do you spend the majority of your time doing on a weekly basis?
  7. What is your favorite thing to do when you have free time?
  8. What is something you can’t live without?

Family Relationships

  1. Were you raised in a two parent household?
  2. Describe your relationship with your parents?
  3. Does this person treat their parents with respect, even if they don’t get along?
  4. Do you have siblings?
  5. Describe your relationship with your siblings?
  6. Do you have any children? How many? How old?
  7. How involved are you in your child’s life?
  8. What type of financial support do you provide/receive for your child?
  9. How is your relationship with the mother/father of your child? How many mothers/fathers are there?
  10. How often do you communicate with your child’s father/mother?
  11. Are you still intimately involved with your child’s father/mother?
  12. How would you describe the father/mother of your child?


  1. Do you have a lot of friends, a tight knit group, or none at all?
  2. Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex?
  3. When is the last time you were in a committed relationship?
  4. How long did that relationship last?
  5. Why did that relationship end?

Education & Career Goals

  1. What type of student are you?
  2. What are your plans for higher education?
  3. Do you like to read, if so, what types of books do you read?
  4. Where do you work? What is your work schedule like?
  5. Do you enjoy your job?



  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Dating Goals & Boundaries

  1. What are your intentions for this relationship?
  2. Are we going to date each other exclusively?
  3. What are your non-negotiables in a relationship? i.e. no smoking, no illegal drugs, abusive hitting, children, pets, etc.
  4. How intimate do you think we should be in a dating relationship?
  5. How do you feel about overnight visits?
  6. What are your views on pre-martial sex?
  7. How do you feel about living together?

Marriage Expectations

  1. How do you feel about marriage?
  2. Do you have plans to get married?
  3. What is your timeframe on getting married?
  4. Do you want children? How many?

Housing Status/Expectation

  1. Do you rent or own a house?
  2. If you rent, do you have a desire to purchase a home? Do you have a timeframe for purchasing a home?
  3. Is there anything that would prevent you from purchasing a home?
  4. Where do you want to live? City? State?


  1. How would you describe your credit worthiness?
  2. What is your credit score?
  3. How much debt do you have?
  4. Do you have a plan to become debt free?
  5. How comfortable are you with the amount of money you have in savings, investments, etc. ?
  6. Are you a saver or spender?
  7. Do you have a problem with the person you are dating making more money than you?


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