A Proverb a Day Part 3

Solomon’s Rise and Fall

Sunday, August 23, 2020

I. A Proverb a Day

A. Solomon’s Rise and Fall

1.(1 Kings 11:1-11 NLT) Solomon’s heart turned from the Lord and he died young.

2.(1 Kings 3:3-15) Solomon asks God for wisdom.

a.(v13-14) riches and honor, lengthen your days.

~(Prov. 3:16) left and right hand of Wisdom

b.(v15) the ark of the covenant represents Jesus.

~1st sign of wisdom seeking God’s presence.

~(Matt. 2:1-2) 1st mention of wise in the NT.

c.(1 Kings 3:24-27) Solomon/2 prostitutes/baby.

~2nd sign of wisdom is rightly dividing the word or using the word for decisions.

d.(1 Kings 4:29-34) Solomon’s wisdom excelled all others.

3.(1 Kings 9:1-9) God appears to Solomon a second time with a warning.

4.(1 Kings 10:[14 NKJV], [14-29 NLT]) King Solomon’s wealth, Illinois Society of Architects 1929 in today’s dollars.

a.Annual salary >$760 million per year

b.Net worth > $200 billion

~Trumpets >1 million each

~Priest clothing >10 million

~Daily food provisions > $17,000

~Annual animal sacrifices over 10 mil.

c.Cost of Solomon’s Temple $1,437,257,234,643 (1.4 trillion)

5.(Deut. 17:14-20) stay in the word daily so you don’t lose your heart and respect for the Lord. (The fear of the LORD).

a.(Eccl. 12:13-14) Here’s the bottomline!

b.(Prov. 2:1-5 AMP) A proverb a day will provide that “fear of the Lord.”


[Pastor Lee Stokes]

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