10 Tips to Online Dating

Sunday February 20, 2022

Pray have you ask God to lead and guide you?  Proverbs 3: 5-6 NLT 

When completing your profile, Be Honest

Post a current non seductive photo

Take the conversation offline-make sure the messaging conversations match the phone conversation- Facetime if possible

If everything is going great, Pause/close profile

Follow your heart, watch for red flags

Meet in a public place, with lots of people

Meet during the day or early afternoon

Choose a group of people that will be able to help you in an emergency, send them your location using a real time location tracking app.  “live360app”

Send photos to your group of license plate, pictures of the person and your date itinerary (i.e.. Meeting at 2pm downtown Greensboro, at xxx coffee shop, for coffee and cheesecake, Sonja call me at 2:30pm, date will end at 4:30)


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