The Sower Sows the Word Part 4

The Thorny Heart Hearer

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I.The Sower Sows the Word

A.The Secret of the Kingdom of God

1.(Mark 4:3-20) Parable of the sower and the seed.

2.Key to the parable of the sower:

#1      We are the sowers.

         #2      The Word of God is the seed.

#3      The four different types of ground (wayside, stony ground, among thorns, and good ground) are four conditions of the heart that affect how the seed grows.

#4      Only one ground was able to produce and sustain a harvest – good ground.

#5      Common denominators – all heard the same word.

#6      Every believer fits into one of these 4 categories.

3.The “Wayside” hearer doesn’t understand the Word.

4.The “Stoney heart” hearer doesn’t have root in themselves (doesn’t know who he/she is in Christ) and/or the word doesn’t have root in them.

B.The Thorny Heart Hearer

1.(Matt. 13:7, 22 AMP)

   (Mark 4:7, 18-19 AMP)

   (Luke 8:7, 14 AMP)

a.(2 Tim. 4:9-17 AMP) some turned on Paul

b.(Phil. 4:6) “Be anxious for nothing…”

c.(1 Tim. 6:6-10) godliness with contentment.

d.(Mark 10:23-30) giving the antidote trusting in riches.


[Pastor Lee Stokes]

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