The Power of a Kingdom Woman Part 4

The Purpose of the Kingdom Woman

Sunday, June 11, 2023

I.The Power of a Kingdom Woman

A. The Priority and Position of the Kingdom Woman

1. A Kingdom woman is a woman who positions herself and operates under the authority of God.

a. (1 Cor. 11:3 AMP) God’s hierarchy

b. (ref. Isa. 54:4-6) The LORD is your Husband kingdom single woman.

2. (Gen. 2:18) Priority God made woman to assist and to be a “helper comparable” for the man: “ezer kenegedo” God’s strength; suitable face to face counterpart, companion, collaborator, and partner.

3. (Gen. 2:22 AMP) Position God withdrew the man from Himself so man could receive God’s love, and positioned him in the garden; God withdrew the woman from the man so that woman could receive the love of a man, and positioned her by his side in the garden.

a.God formed man, but made woman.

~“formed” (yatsar) man: to squeeze as a potter.

~“made” (banah) woman: to rebuild skillfully restore, renovate. (man 2.0)

B. The Power and Purpose of the Kingdom Woman

Purpose determines design.  (Man’s purpose: cultivator, provider, visionary, protector, leader, teacher.) God made the woman the way she is because her purpose it to enhance, to reflect and to be a life-giver. (ref. Prov. 14:1) wise vs. foolish woman.

1. As an enhancer, she is a co-leader with her husband.  (If not married then with Jesus) She shares in his vision and works with him to accomplish it. (ref. Gen. 2:18)

a. The woman takes who the man is and what he has and enlarges and extends it.  In this way, his leadership becomes more effective and their shared vision becomes a reality.  As an enhancer:

~Her 1st purpose is to be his companion, so he won’t be alone.

~2nd is to be good for him. (ref. Prov. 31:12)

~3rd is to help in his vision.

~4th is to be his helper.

~5th is she is to be adaptable.

2. As a reflector she was made to be the object of her husband/God’s love and to reflect the love that he gives her. (Eph. 5:25-29, 33 all NLT)

a. A woman will reflect the love or lack of love she receives from a man. (God/husband)

b. Women need to have love continually expressed to them through affectionate words and gestures.

c. If a man is going to love his wife, he has to keep company with Christ.  He has to find out how Christ loves His church.

3. As a life-giver she is an “incubator” that is able to transform seeds into babies: physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, and otherwise. (ref. Gen. 3:20)

a. A womb will never give back to you just what it has received.  It will take what you have given it and develop it and multiply it.

b. When a man knows that a woman is an incubator, then he can be careful and considerate about what he says to her.

c. In closing, the value of a woman.

[Pastor Lee Stokes]

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