The Blessing of Abraham Part 5

Genesis 14

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

I.The Blessing of Abraham

A.Genesis 13 review

1.(Gal. 3:13-14, 29) Foundation verses

2.The wisdom of Abram vs. the weakness of Lot.

a.The wisdom of Abram

~Spiritual directness

~Spiritual discernment

~Spiritual depth & dignity

b.The weakness of Lot

~Weak in devotions

~Worldly in desires

~Wrong in decisions

B.Genesis 14 Lot’s Captivity and Rescue

1.(Gen. 14:1-9 MSG) 1st mention of war in the Bible.

2.(Gen. 14:10-12 MSG) Lot is captured and taken hostage because he lives in Sodom.

a.(ref. 13:10, 12; 14:12; 19:1) Lot’s gradual progression.

3.(Gen. 14:13-16 MSG) Abram takes an army of servants from his own house and rescues Lot.

4.(Gen. 14:17-20 MSG) Abram greeted by King of Sodom and King of Salem.

a.(Heb. 7:1-8 AMP)

5.(Gen. 14:21-24 MSG) King of Sodom wants Abram to keep all the stuff so he can keep all the people.

[Pastor Lee Stokes]



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