The Blessing of Abraham Part 4

Genesis 13

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

I. The Blessing of Abraham

A. Genesis 12 review

1. (ref. Gen. 12) Promises to Abram

a.(ref. Gen. 12) God makes promises to Abram

~Terah delayed Abram 25 years in Haran

~Takes Lot with him.

~Goes down to Egypt (sin) due to famine

~Lies to Pharaoh about Sarai

b.Even in Abrams failings God never rebukes him or punishes him.

B. Genesis 13

1.(Gen. 13:1-4)

a.Abram comes up out of Egypt back to the place he was originally between Bethel (house of God) and Ai (heap of ruins).

~(Rev. 2:5) Remember, Repent & Return

b.(2 Pet. 2:4-10) This is where the wisdom of Abram and the weakness of Lot begins to be contrasted.

~Lot said “yes” to heaven but he didn’t say “no” to the world.

2.(Gen. 13:5-13)

a.The wisdom of Abram

~Spiritual directness v7-8

-(Jas. 3:14-18 KJV)

~Spiritual discernment v8

~Spiritual depth & dignity v9

b.The weakness of Lot

~Weak in devotions v5

~Worldly in desires v10

~Wrong in decisions (ref. v10, 12, 14:12, 19:1)

3.(Gen. 13:14-18)

a.God gave Abram the land and blessed him. Lot chose for himself and things went wrong.

b.v18 trees of Mamre (fatness & strength) in Hebron (communion & association)

[Pastor Lee Stokes]



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