The 7-Year Tribulation Period Part 1

Tribulation Judgments

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

I. The 7 Year Tribulation Period

A. The 7 Year Tribulation Period

(Matt. 24:8-9, 21-22) Jesus told the disciples about the tribulation to come.

(Zeph. 1:14-18) many major & minor prophets spoke of this time to come.

2.What is the purpose of the tribulation period?

a.To bring Israel back to the Lord. (Dan. 9:24-27)

b.To move others to repentance and faith. (Rev. 7:9-14)

c.To satisfy the justice of God. (Rom. 2:4-9)

3.After the Rapture of the church all born-again believer will be in heaven for 7 years while the Tribulation Period is taking place on earth. Tribulation is made up of three judgment phases:

a.The opening of the 7 seals. (ref. Rev. 6, 8)

b.The blowing of the 7 trumpets (ref. Rev. 8, 9, 11)

c.The pouring of the 7 bowls (ref. Rev. 16)

         B. The Seal Judgments (Rev. 6 and 8)

1.The Four Horseman (1st Four Seals)

(6:2) 1st Seal: white horse – the Anti-Christ

b.(v4) 2nd Seal: red horse – war

c.(v5-6 AMP) 3rd Seal: black horse – inflation/famine

d.(v8 AMP) 4th Seal: pale horse – disease; death of 25% of humanity

2.(v9-11) 5th Seal: Tribulation believers martyred.

3.(v12-17) 6th Seal: Great earthquake

4.(8:1-2) 7th Seal: Prelude to the 7 Trumpets

C. The Trumpet Judgments (Rev. 8, 9 & 11)

1.(8:7) 1st Trumpet: 1/3 of all vegetation struck.

2.(v8-9) 2nd Trumpet: 1/3 of seas, sea-life struck.

3.(v10-11) 3rd Trumpet: Fresh water sources struck

4.(v12) 4th Trumpet: Sun, moon & stars darkened

5.(9:1-11) 5th Trumpet: Demonic torment for 5 months.

6.(v13-21) 6th Trumpet: 1/3 of mankind killed by a demonic army of 200 million.

7.(11:15-19) 7th Trumpet: The Kingdom Proclaimed

D.The Bowl (Vial) Judgments (Rev. 16 AMP)

1.(16:2) 1st Bowl: Loathsome sores

2.(v3) 2nd Bowl: Sea turns to blood

3.(v4-7) 3rd Bowl: fresh water turns to blood

4.(v8-9) 4th Bowl: men are scorched

5.(v10-11) 5th Bowl: darkness and severe pain for the kingdom of the beast.

6.(v12-16) 6th Bowl: Euphrates dried up for battle of Armageddon.

7.(v17-21) 7th Bowl: the Earth utterly shaken

[Pastor Lee Stokes]

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