Graduation Day at Destiny

You Are Gifted by God – Use Your Gifts

Sunday, June 13, 2021

I. Graduation Day at Destiny

A. You Are Gifted by God – Use Your Gifts

1. (Prov. 24:27 AMP) prepare your work before you start a family and build a home. STAY FOCUSED!!

2. (Jer. 29:11-14 NIV) God has great plans for your life! His plans require a true relationship with Him.

a. (Prov. 19:21 AMP)

b. (Eccl. 3:1-2, 11 AMP)

c. (Eph. 3:20 AMP/NLT)

~(Ps. 139:13-18 NLT)

3. (Prov. 18:16 AMP) You are gifted and your gift will make room for you.

a. Key Principles of Your Gifts

~Whatever God calls for He provides for.
~Whatever God demands He supplies.
~Whatever God expects He injects.
~Whatever God assigns He designs.
~Whatever God calls out He puts in.

b. (Prov. 29:18 KJV) Do you have a vision for your life?

~If you could wave a magic wand and be doing anything you wanted tomorrow, what would you do?

~What do you love? What do you love doing?

~What are you good at?

~What do you want out of life? What do you want your life to have meant at the end?

~List your interests?  List the things you would love to do in your life?

~Find people who do what you want to do and interview them.

c. (Matt. 25:14-30 AMP) Parable of talents.

[Pastor Lee Stokes]


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