7 Foundations of a Healthy Marriage Pt9

Roles & Responsibilities – B

Sunday, October 6, 2019


I.7 Foundations of a Healthy Marriage


Foundation verses: (Ps. 127:1-2; Matt. 7:24-27)

A.Roles & Responsibilities

1.(1 Pet. 3:7 AMP/TPT) proper understanding of marriage.

a.The great mystery of marriage!

~(1 Cor. 6:15-20 NLT) one spirit with the Lord

~(2 Cor. 11:1-3 NLT) we are married to Christ

2.(Eph. 5:21-33 NIV) Husbands and Wives

a.(v21-24) Husband head of the wife. (review)

~(1 Cor. 11:3 ESV) divine order

~(Tit. 2:4-5 AMP) wives 1st priority is the  home and family

~Husband – savior of the body is accountable.

~savior – provider/protector/deliverer

~(1 Tim. 5:8) men provide for the family

b.(v25-27) Husbands love your wives like Christ loves the church and gave Himself for it.

~Wives #1 need is affectionate love and support.

~Women bond through affectionate love.

~Non-sexual affection.

c.(v28-29) Men love your wife like you love yourself!

d.(v30-32) Marriage is a great mystery.

[Pastor Lee Stokes]

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